Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy

Our site was built in order to enable access to the contents of the sections by individuals with special needs.

The expression Web Accessibility means to secure that those individuals will be able to browse, effectively interact and contribute with web contents.

In the virtual environment, the term accessibility also refers to the W3C recommendations, which seek to allow everyone access to the sites, regardless of whether or not such individuals have any disability.

In this regard, the entire contents of the site was developed in line with the W3C/WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) accessibility guidelines.

The guidelines include font size and color of links and easy availability of contents.

Accessibility in the Ícone website:

• Ctrl + Increase font size
• Ctrl – Decrease font size
• Ctrl 0 Return to the original font size

Browsers supported by the site:

The site was developed to better function with the following browsers:

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0
• Mozilla Firefox 3.0

Note: We are working to add Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 to the list above.

Our goal is to constantly develop contents and other tools as part of our global public website, and we work towards continuously implementing accessibility best practices. We are pleased to have feedback from our users. Please do not hesitate to contact is if you wish to share your comments.