Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the GRUPO ÍCONE website. We hope to satisfy your needs. Our site allows you to learn about our products and services and keep yourself updated of our latest news.

GRUPO ÍCONE will make an area available in the site for you to supply your personal information. Through your record information, the GRUPO ÍCONE employees will reach you. This is why it is extremely important to always keep the information updated. We believe it is important to let you know how your personal information will be used, giving you the opportunity to choose how this will be done.

Your privacy is very important to us, and this is why GRUPO ÍCONE will keep confidential all information you share with this institution, under the most strict safety and trustworthiness standards.

It is our responsibility to protect the information entrusted to us by you. GRUPO ÍCONE uses several security techniques to protect your information, including safe servers, firewalls and financial data encrypting.

GRUPO ÍCONE will not supply, publish, sell or rent any of your personal information to any third party. However, the web surfer or client hereby acknowledges and agrees that GRUPO ÍCONE may disclose them in the situations below:

- Supply of his or her personal information to government entities, including the Judiciary, in the event we are compelled to do so to fulfill court orders or orders from an administrative authority; in reply to any legal actions or claims; or to protect GRUPO ÍCONE’s and our clients’ rights, as well as those of the public in general.

- Supply of his or her personal information, in special and limited circumstances, to potential purchasers of any of GRUPO ÍCONE’s businesses, provided that GRUPO ÍCONE has secured, by means of a confidentiality agreement, privacy and security of such information, in strict compliance with the laws in force.

Access to the information collected shall be limited to authorized employees for the proper use of such data. All GRUPO ÍCONE employees who have access to your personal information and all third parties’ employees who also have such access and enter into confidentiality and secrecy agreements with us, shall be required to comply with this Privacy Policy. Any employees who unduly take advantage of such information in breach of our Privacy Policy shall be subject to the penalties provided for in our disciplinary procedures.

The integrity of the information supplied to us shall always be maintained.

Access to restricted contents and information in the site may require the supply of login (client) and password. In such event, the client shall keep his or her password secure in order to ensure exclusive access thereby. The client hereby acknowledges that he or she shall be solely liable for managing his or her login and password of access, and therefore GRUPO ÍCONE shall not be held liable for acts resulting from any unauthorized access.

GRUPO ÍCONE may use cookies and page tags to make your visit to the site more interesting.

Cookies are small files stored on your hard disk. There are two different kinds of cookies: session cookies, which are temporary and deleted when you close the browser; and persistent cookies, which remain in the hard disk until you delete them or until they expire. GRUPO ÍCONE uses persistent cookies to determine whether there has been any prior contact between us and your computer.

The cookie is only valid for your computer. Most browsers accept the cookies automatically. Shall you be interested, you can prevent cookies from being stored on your hard disk, setting up your browser to “disable cookies.” The exact instructions on how to do so are in your browser’s manual.

At any time, you may also exclude cookies that are already in your hard disk. If you decide not to accept cookies, you will still be able to visit the GRUPO ÍCONE site, but the availability of the services supplied by the site may be affected.

Page tags are small components of the JavaScript code, embedded in our Internet pages. Whenever you request a new page, your browser will send the information to a remote server of GRUPO ÍCONE.

Page tags help us to identify the most accessed sections of our site, in order to improve our services. You can disable the page tags by disabling the JavaScript in the security settings on your browser. However, after disabling the JavaScript, maybe certain[1]

GRUPO ÍCONE implements technical and organizational security measures to protect the personal data from unauthorized access, accidental or intentional handling, loss and destruction.

Our site does not seek to collect personal data of individuals younger than 18 years old, since they need their parents’ or tutors’ authorization before supplying personal data through GRUPO ÍCONE’s site.

All data and information contained in the site are protected by the laws and rules that govern copyrights, trademarks and patents, as well as all applications, texts, sounds and images displayed, so that any modification, reproduction, transmission, copies or any other forms of use for commercial purposes without the GRUPO ÍCONE’s consent shall be prevented. In no event shall GRUPO ÍCONE be held liable for any damages, whether material or moral, direct or indirect, or loss of profits, arising out of:

a) Connection with this site, its misuse, inability to use it, for any reason (impossibility or interruption of access), performance failure, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in the operation or transmission, computer virus or failure of the line, the hardware (of the User, GRUPO ÍCONE or any company that provides information technology services to either one of them) or the system or any program/application/product/service, regardless of GRUPO ÍCONE’s knowledge of the actual or potential occurrence of such problems;

b) Interception by any unauthorized third party of any information, technical materials or other contents available in this site or delivered by the users to this site.

It is important to point out that GRUPO ÍCONE shall not be liable for the security of your information while it is in transit in the Internet, before it reaches GRUPO ÍCONE’s site. In order to protect your privacy, we recommend you use more secure media to contact GRUPO ÍCONE, shall you deem it appropriate.

The copyrights in connection with the pages, and contents thereof, that make up this site are GRUPO ÍCONE’s property, except where expressly provided otherwise. All trademarks, images and charts are GRUPO ÍCONE’s property. All information and contents, including any software/programs available in or through this site, are protected by the intellectual property laws.

The site may have access to links to other websites whose contents and privacy policies are not under GRUPO ÍCONE’s responsibility, nor that of its managers and employees. As a result, we recommend that, when redirected to external websites, you always refer to the respective privacy policies before supplying your data or information.

The privacy policies adopted by GRUPO ÍCONE concern only the GRUPO ÍCONE website and do not apply to any other website associated therewith or in any way related therewith by means of links or other forms of publicity and access.

GRUPO ÍCONE, our managers and employees shall not be liable for any contents available in websites of other companies or associated with the GRUPO ÍCONE website by means of links or other forms of publicity and access.

In order to ensure transparency and accuracy of the Privacy Policy, as well as of the information and materials contained in the GRUPO ÍCONE site, we hereby reserve the possibility of modifying this policy at any time, by publishing on this page the changes made; we therefore recommend it be read from time to time.

Your identification in the site will enable GRUPO ÍCONE to offer you:

- Quick and easy identification during future browsing;

- Development of customized products and services according to your profile;

- Information about releases, news and first-hand offers; and

- Important information about security and operation of the products.

Your registration in the site offers you the opportunity to receive information about our products and services, although all e-mails sent by GRUPO ÍCONE have an option for you to inform us that you do not wish to further receive our e-mails.

Once you have supplied your personal information, you will have reasonable access to them in order to change or delete them.

You may contact us through the contact form if you wish to:

a) Make any enquiries related to our privacy policy;

b) Request a copy of your personal information, or change or delete your personal information.

As you access the site, you represent that you accept this Privacy Policy, hereinafter referred to as “Policy.”

If you have any doubt about the way we use your personal information, please inform us and we will make our best efforts to solve it.

Information with respect to the form of and the rules to use the site is available in the Terms and Conditions of Use of the site.