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Terms of Use

Thank you for accessing this website. The Terms and Conditions of Use and other Specific Terms below will govern your access to this site.

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You understand and agree that your login and password are strictly personal and shall not be transferred, which shall entail your responsibility to keep them confidential even if intentionally assigned to third parties, whether or not in an emergency or due to the requirements of the service. In the event you learn about any unauthorized use of your password or account, you hereby undertake to expressly and forthwith notify GRUPO ÍCONE of such fact.

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You shall keep the equipment necessary to access the Internet in working conditions, taking all necessary security measures to protect your equipment, systems and files against improper action and unauthorized invasion from other Internet users.

You hereby agree that you are solely liable for any noncompliance with your obligations and hereby acknowledge that GRUPO ÍCONE shall not have any liability before you or any third parties, and that you shall be liable for all consequences therefrom, such as losses or damages that GRUPO ÍCONE and/or a third party may sustain, arising out of the fulfillment of such obligations.

You hereby agree and represent that the information supplied to GRUPO ÍCONE is true and correct, and that you shall keep such information updated. You shall be liable for false or inaccurate information supplied to GRUPO ÍCONE that may cause damages or losses to GRUPO ÍCONE or to any third parties.

The present Terms may be amended by GRUPO ÍCONE at any time, and may become immediately effective as they are posted in the site. Continuous use of the website by you after posting shall be deemed tacit acceptance of said amendments.

Any instructions or warnings made available in this site shall be construed as complementary to the present Terms of Use, and shall be observed in full by you.

GRUPO ÍCONE, its managers, employees and associates shall be held harmless from any liability for damages directly or indirectly resulting from the use of the information contained in this website, including due to storage failure or exclusion of any contents posted on this page.

The information accessible through this site is for informational purposes only. No information made available shall be construed as a proposal, offer or recommendation to buy or sell any products and/or services, nor as the consummation of any legal act, irrespective of the nature thereof.

GRUPO ÍCONE reserves the right to refuse or interrupt access of any person to the website or any part thereof, immediately and regardless of prior notice, at any time and on any grounds, at its sole discretion.

Access to the site is available free of charge to the users.

This website may contain information originating from third parties or electronic references (links) that redirect to third parties’ sites. Such links and contents are supplied for your convenience and information only, and GRUPO ÍCONE does not maintain control, undertake any kind of responsibility and does not provide any kind of warranty thereon, such as of accuracy, quality and up-to-dateness.

GRUPO ÍCONE shall not be liable for any kind of third-party contents or sites accessed through links available in this website.

The results of the website search tool for information and contents originate from the automatic operation of technical mechanisms, as a result of which GRUPO ÍCONE may not and does not control such results.

Internet is a means of worldwide access. Electronic messages (e-mails) sent by such means are not confidential and secure and may be viewed, intercepted and altered by third parties, or even lost during transmission.

It is recommended that e-mail not be used to transmit personal or confidential information, or any information on bank accounts. It is recommended to always assume that the contents and the materials circulated by Internet is public, unsafe, and may be lost.

Said e-mail messages may cross countries’ borders, even if the sender and the recipient are located in the same country.

GRUPO ÍCONE shall not be liable before the user or before third parties for damages resulting from electronic messages delivered to the Group, whether by e-mail or by any other electronic message system.

In no event shall GRUPO ÍCONE be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, punitive, special or incidental damages or otherwise, resulting from or arising as a result of or with respect to any access, use or inability to access or use this website, contents or user contents, irrespective of whether or not GRUPO ÍCONE was informed about the possibility of such damages, except in the event of such damages resulting directly from GRUPO ÍCONE’s willful misconduct or malicious intent.

GRUPO ÍCONE applies the legally required personal data protection security levels; however, you shall be aware that Internet security measures are not foolproof.

The Group does not ensure absence of viruses in the site contents, in third parties’ services or in other elements that may cause changes to your information technology system or in the files or electronic documents stored. GRUPO ÍCONE shall therefore be exempt from each and every liability for any possible losses and damages, of any nature, resulting therefrom. Any file and/or electronic document downloaded will be obtained at your own discretion, for your own account and risk, and you shall be solely liable for any damages to the information technology system or for loss of data due to such download.

GRUPO ÍCONE does not warrant accuracy, usefulness or infallibility of the site and/or of the contents of the site and shall therefore be exempt from each and every liability for any possible losses and damages, of any nature, resulting therefrom. GRUPO ÍCONE shall be further exempt from each and every liability for any possible losses and damages, of any nature, resulting from any unavailability of or interruption in the operation of the site. GRUPO ÍCONE does not warrant the lawfulness, truthfulness or trustworthiness of any contents published or posted by third parties in the site, nor shall it be liable for any comments, opinions, information, statements, messages, videos, texts, images, audios or any other kind of contents posted, published and made available by third parties on the site, so that any civil and criminal liability shall be solely and exclusively attributed to their respective authors. GRUPO ÍCONE further reserves the right to, whenever possible, store such authors’ information, in order to enable identification thereof.

All intellectual property rights in connection with the contents supplied in this website shall be the exclusive property of GRUPO ÍCONE or of third parties that have lawfully assigned the rights thereon.

The mere use of the site shall not grant to you any assignment, license, authorization or any other right of use of any trademark, domain name or any other name, indication or description the name of which is mentioned in this site.

In the event you are aware of or suspect that any material in this website was used or copied in any way that constitutes an infringement of copyrights, please send a notice to the GRUPO ÍCONE contact person identified below. Your notice shall satisfy the following specifications:

• Physical or digital signature of the titleholder of the copyright or of the individual authorized to act on behalf of the titleholder of an exclusive right that was allegedly infringed;
• Identification of the work protected by copyright that was reported as infringed or, in the event several works protected by copyright in the same on-line site are covered by a single notice, a list that represents such works in the site;
• Identification of the material reported as infringing or subject to infringement activity and that shall be removed, or whose access shall be disabled, as well as enough information to allow us to locate the material;
• Reasonably sufficient information that allows us to contact you, such as address, telephone number and, if available, electronic mail address (e-mail) through which you may be contacted;
• Statement that you, in good faith, believe that the use of the material as claimed is not authorized by the titleholder of the copyright, its agent, or by law;
• Statement that the information in the notice is true and that you are the titleholder of the copyright or are authorized to act on behalf of the titleholder of an exclusive right allegedly being infringed.

The agent appointed to receive notice of infringement claims may be contacted as indicated below:

• By e-mail:

• By mail: Ícone Holding S/A.

Legal department
Rua Hungria, nº 888, conjunto 81,
CEP: 01455-905
Jardim Europa, São Paulo, Brasil.

• By fax: Ícone Holding S/A.

Legal department
São Paulo. Brazil.
(11) 3031-8317

The information above is supplied exclusively to notify GRUPO ÍCONE that an infringement of a material protected by copyright may have occurred. All other matters, such as matters related to products and requests or doubts related to improper posting and/or contents, will not be answered by this process.

You hereby agree to indemnify and hold GRUPO ÍCONE and its subsidiaries, affiliates, partners and suppliers, and all their respective managers, officers, employees, shareholders, legal representatives, agents, successors and assigns, harmless from and against each and every damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including attorneys’ fees and court costs) arising out of the posting, contents or transmission of any messages, data, materials or any other user contents that you may insert in the website or any breach by you of the present Terms of Use. In the event of any claim or lawsuit resulting from any message or any other user contents posted by you, GRUPO ÍCONE reserves the right to disclose your identity and any other information that Ícone may have about you.

In the event of any dispute among users, you shall hold GRUPO ÍCONE and its subsidiaries, affiliates, partners and suppliers, and all their respective managers, officers, employees, shareholders, legal representatives, agents, successors and assigns, harmless from and against any actions, claims and damages (both actual and consequential) of any kind and nature, whether known or unknown, arising out of or in any way related to such disputes.

GRUPO ÍCONE reserves the exclusive right to close down the website or any part thereof for any reason, at any time, without prior notice or permission.

The present Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Brazil. In order to settle any possible and unexpected claims originating from the present Terms of Use or the use you may make of this website, including each and every dispute related to the existence or validity of this website, the courts of the city of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil, are hereby elected, being any others hereby waived, however more privileged they may be, whether now or in the future.

In the event any provision of the present Terms of Use is deemed invalid or unenforceable, then the invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision the closest possible to the intent of the original provision, and the remaining provisions shall continue to be duly applied.

No failure by GRUPO ÍCONE in enforcing any part of the present Terms of Use shall constitute waiver of the rights of the Group set forth in the present Terms of Use, whether for past or for future actions of any person. Neither the receipt of any amount by GRUPO ÍCONE nor the reliance of any person on the actions of the Group shall be deemed a waiver of any part of the present Terms of Use. Only a specific waiver, in writing, signed by an authorized representative of GRUPO ÍCONE, shall have any legal effect.

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