Business Areas

Iconepar Participações e Assessoria Estratégica

Advisory on Mergers and Acquisitions

Íconepar develops and acts in all stages of mergers and acquisitions deals, in addition to offering advice on structuring for fund raising in the capital markets, in the most diverse sectors of the Brazilian economy. Composed of a team vastly experienced in this area, with proven track record, the company develops sector studies, strategic analyses, targets identification, transaction structuring, company appraisal, due diligence supervision, advice on negotiations and development of financial modeling for decision making.

All processes are conducted in an absolutely discreet manner, and always developed with the purpose to reach our main goal: to add value to our client’s business.

Advisory on Funding and Debt Renegotiation

Íconepar advises companies on the receipt of funding from financial institutions in Brazil and abroad and on debt restructuring, seeking to optimize the relationship between the company’s own capital and third parties’ capital, adding value and reducing our clients’ financial costs. We perform studies on capital structures, identifying the company’s ideal level of indebtedness. We conduct the entire relationship with the banks and assist on the negotiation and choice of the best credit conditions, until conclusion of the funding process.

Íconepar also advises companies on the renegotiation of debts in default, seeking to enable payment of such debts by our clients. In this business area, all procedures are carried out by Íconepar, from the contact with the bank through the negotiation and submission of offers.

Project Finance

Íconepar advises companies on the development of a Project Finance solution, which enables mitigation of financing risks, adjusting the features of the debt to the profile and the cash generation period of the very project.

Our work consists of putting in place a business plan, structuring the operation and enabling investments, supervising legal and accounting advisors, and advising the client during negotiations, with the purpose to enable investment in projects that otherwise would not be feasible due to the lack of own capital or financing.