Private Equity

Private Equity

The main strategy of our Private Equity area is to identify companies with innovational offers and a differential in relation to the market, in which to invest. These companies must have a strong and accelerated growth potential and demand capital injection to boost such potential, in addition to corporate governance and financial know-how.

Invested Companies

“CA” mobiliário com assinatura

Founded in 2011, “CA” was born from the combination of the experience of a corporate group with financial and management abilities with professionals with a background and know-how of over 20 years in the European furniture sector.

The company was founded to create high quality solutions for the corporate segment, combining two key ingredients: design and functionality.

“CA” comes to life committed to offering distinctive furniture, focusing on solutions with quality, comfort, beauty and functionality, always in conjunction with what we call our triangle: innovation, responsibility and sustainability.


BlueCorp Corretora de Seguros

BlueCorp is a brokerage company with a presence in all insurance areas: Auto, Health, Corporate, Property, Life and Transportation. It works with the main insurance companies in the market, seeking to offer to the client, whether an individual or a legal entity, distinguished, custom-made services.

HND Habitações

The projects designed by HND are detailed, and their execution is planned, in such a way as to allow conclusion of the construction in a shorter period of time than other companies that are currently in the industry, securing delivery of the property within the established deadline.
Suppliers’ loyalty, strict quality control and high specialization of the team allow the development of this industrialized and dynamic production method without compromising the finishing and quality of the property.