Business Areas

Ícone Investimentos

Real Estate Funds

Ícone structures and manages Real Estate Funds targeted to institutional investors and individuals, both domestic and foreign, in a constant attempt to maximize return. We identify opportunities for acquisition or development of properties in strategic locations and with appreciation potential, in addition to reappraisal of lease agreements and reduction of credit risks. Ícone acts in the development and management of Real Estate Funds that invest in “Minha Casa, Minha Vida” residential projects, Industrial Shed Funds and Commercial Slab Funds. Real Estate Funds invest in the purchase of real estate properties or securities whose focus and/or main backing is the real estate market. They are regulated, inspected and authorized by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários – CVM). These funds are benefitted by tax incentives and are exempt from some taxes, subject to certain conditions. The individual shareholder is also exempt from taxes, as long as he or she holds less than 10% of the quotas of the fund, in Funds whose quotas are traded in an organized over-the-counter market with at least 50 shareholders.


Receivables Investment Funds

Strong experience in corporate and credit segments of large financial institutions qualify the Ícone professionals to seek the best solutions in connection with credit products, among which, Receivables Investment Funds (Fundos de Investimento em Direitos Creditórios – FIDCs). The main purpose of a Receivables Investment Fund, also known as FIDC, is to acquire rights on financial credits. The Fund attracts investments by distributing quotas the compensation and redemption of which are linked exclusively to the performance of the assets that constitute the Fund. According to the CVM regulations on the operation of FIDCs, credit rights comprise credits (and bonds representing such credits) originating from transactions in the financial, commercial, industrial, real estate, mortgage, commercial lease and services segments, as well as rights and bonds representing credits of different natures, as acknowledged by CVM itself.


Multimarket Funds

Seeking to strengthen the investment funds, particularly in the Multimarkets segment, Ícone Investimentos promotes actions that contribute to the enhancement and modernization of the sector. Our efforts aim at improving the quality of the products and expanding the value added to the investors.

Private Equity Funds

By the management of our own and third parties’ funds, Ícone Investimentos contributes to the development and strengthening of successful companies, industry leaders, and to the generation of consistent return to investors. We rely on professionals with vast experience in business management and financial transactions, focused on the analysis of opportunities and committed to transparency and ethics principles. Our goal is to add capital to successful Brazilian entrepreneurs in order to speed up growth and consolidate best practices of financial management and corporate governance, as well as to contribute with our vast experience in mergers & acquisitions and capital markets and our extensive relationship network.